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News 2017

Według prośby

The brand-new mobile homes named Pinocchio

they are modern and nice two-rooms lodgings for 3 persons, of the latest generation, and will be situated on the east side of the campsite, that is near the sea; provided with induction hob and free pots and dishes (the offer is valid only for these new mobile homes)

With regard to the pitches

on the east area of the campsite, near the sea, we created some new very big pitches with a surface of about m² 100/150 whose name was chosen with your contribution on Facebook: Super Gulliver (SuperGì); on the east area you’ll be able to book these Super Gulliver pitches and the Gulliver ones. The Bambi Mare, the Aladino and the Casper pitches don’t exist anymore; we’ll be glad to help guests who were used to choose these types of pitch so that they can find another suitable place;

on the west area of the campsite (towards the hill) the pitches from the number 1128 to the number 1142 will be enlarged by adding about m² 30 and will be named Super Bambi; these new pitches will be available together with the Bambi, the Bambi Grill, whose number will increase, and the Sandokan;

Camping Card

The 5% discount granted to the holders of the contracted Camping Cards (look at our website) will be applied only for the Bambi pitches of the west area

The Barbecue

it won’t be possible anymore to use the barbecue on any pitch or near any lodging:

on the pitches – it’ll be possible to use the barbecue only on the Bambi Grill pitches, that already have the required equipment and the necessary space, otherwise you’ll be able to use the common barbecue areas that we are going to build; looking at the map on our website you’ll know their position

with regard to the lodgings – in the Village Olimpo (made of the mobile homes Pollon, Zeus and Giove) we’ll create a common barbecue area; for all other types of accommodation will be available the common barbecue areas

The playground on the beach

will be enlarged with new games

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